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You will be racing to find the
best pieces before the competition.

• 3 people per bale.

• 30 seconds per round.

• Price goes down each round


by round: $12, $9, $6/lb

by round: $9, $6, and $3/lb

As a reseller

this is a golden opportunity
to buy direct at rag-house prices
with the ability to pick what you want!

• 12 Resellers

 • 3 round of picking

• 3 different price points

• 2 Bales of tshirts

• 2 bales of sweatshirts

Everything picked must be purchased,

no exceptions.

$100 buy in deposit per applicant.

Once accepted we will email your payment link.

Apply for Tees, Sweats or both.

Thanks for registering.

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