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How do we source everything?

The simple answer to that is: “its mostly donated clothing.” Most of it originally comes from the larger donation companies like Goodwill and Salvation Army while a smaller percentage comes from private donation companies and charities. These donation companies usually keep a small percentage of the clothing they receive to sell retail in their own thrift stores while selling off the vast majority of it to rag dealers who then resell the mixed used clothing by the container to different countries all over the world. Its also worth noting that American used clothing is a highly coveted world commodity due to many factors such as the popular brands, style, quality and the sheer quantity available. 

How often do you restock the bins?

The bins are fully restocked weekly with fresh pieces.

We make sure to keep our selections consistently changing. 

Can I sell clothes to you?

No, we don’t buy items from the public. We are NOT a consignment store.

What payment type do you take?

We take almost everything, Cash, all major Credit/Debit Cards, American Express, Apple Pay.

"we aren’t like most thrift stores, we are a cooool thrift store"

Can I rent your space?

Yes! Let us know what you're looking to organize for an event or how you'd want to use the space. Please reach out to

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